Big Data Ignite is only a few weeks away and among the sessions to look forward to is…

“How Does Michigan Stack Up?”

 As we discussed in an earlier post, the Big Data Ignite Research Council has worked with Stack Overflow to gain access to a custom non-publicly-available data set of responses to their 2019 Developer Survey,  “the largest and most comprehensive survey of software developers (and anyone else who codes!) on Earth.” We have been busy using this unique data set to compare Michigan to other states and regions with respect to the prevalence of data & analytics jobs and usage of various data & analytics tools.

Are you curious as to where Michigan stands relative to other parts of the Midwest and regions across the nation with regard to questions such as…

  • How does the percentage of Michigan respondents working in the Data & Analytics industry compare to that of other parts of the country?
  • Which of the “big 3” cloud platform (AWS, Azure, or GCP) is most widely used among survey respondents from Michigan, and is that platform also the most popular in the rest of the Midwest or the South, Northeast, and West regions?
  • Where do Michigan respondents stand on the usage of programming languages for data & analytics such as R?

Regarding the data & analytics language question, below is a sneak preview of the results. Come to the session to learn which line represents each language. Hint: Your choices are R, Python, and SQL.