BlueGranite is headquartered out of Southwest MI and operates across the US. We will be presenting twice during Big Data Ignite –highlighting a machine learning use case when it comes to employee flight risk, as well as hosting a half-day workshop on how to get started with Azure Databricks.  

At BlueGranite, we help clients utilize data as a strategic asset, delivering modern data architecture and data integration solutions to drive insights and analytics across organizations. Our cloud scale analytics solutions monitor trends, measure performance, and provide real-time analytics for rapid, informed decision making. Ultimately, we leverage industry leading technology from Microsoft to build modern data platforms that reduce operating costs, increase market share, improve workforce efficiency, and so much more.

Informative Resources

Between BlueGranite’s plethora of information residing in our online resource center, blog, monthly webinars, and client solutions, it’s fair to say there is a lot to learn in the data and AI space! To save you some time, here are a few highlights that can be useful when looking to expand your knowledge on implementing an AI-focused solution:

AI-Friendly, Scalable Cloud Platforms

Azure Databricks, Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, and the Modern Data Platform have a lot to offer when it comes to implementing and supporting AI solutions. If you aren’t sure where to get started or what platforms will most effectively meet your needs, the BlueGranite Blog is a great place to start your research.

To streamline your research, consider checking out the following content:

Getting Started with AI: A Free Introductory Webinar

Cognitive-based organizations have adopted AI technologies and integrated AI-solutions into the core areas of their business. Transforming a business with AI begins with a clear understanding of AI, key technologies, and use cases. Integrating AI into your business is not only a viable and realistic option, but it can also be a key to the future success of your business.

In this free upcoming webinar (10/4 at 11am EST), BlueGranite’s data science experts will help you to deepen your understanding of AI and discover use case opportunities for your industry. Additionally, you will learn about Microsoft’s AI solutions and associated technologies, including Azure Databricks, pre-built cognitive services, Azure Machine Learning, and more.

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Machine Learning & AI Solutions

In one of our recent solution briefs (From Code to Table – Using Technology for Smarter Food Production), you can learn how Machine Learning and AI technology has made an impact on agriculture through geospatial mapping.

Conserving water and power while improving crop yield is vital to the commercial agriculture industry’s long-term success. A global leader in freshwater and wastewater management, about to embark on a high-stakes environmental project, wanted to thrive here, and it partnered with BlueGranite to ensure success. Together, we are applying data science and information technology to create a state-of-the-art precision irrigation system by targeting areas of fields that need more attention.

Still confused? BlueGranite can help.

If you still aren’t sure where to turn and need to find out more information, we can help! We have several introductory offerings listed on our website, ranging from 3-day onsite training sessions all the way to 1-week proof-of-concepts to help you get your organization started on the right foot.

This can be a lot to take in – which is why we are happy to assist you along the way! If you have questions or are just looking for some extra guidance, please contact us and our team of experts will be at your side to help get you where you want to go.