Amidst our recent flurry of social media activity, you may have missed a few mini surveys that the BDI research team shared via Twitter. Thanks to those of you who responded to those! We learned a few things from the results.

The first mini survey tweet asked “What is your favorite programming language for data science?” While another survey conducted by Burtch Works asking this question has found that Python is emerging as the leading data science language, our results provide some evidence to the contrary. Of our 68 votes, almost ⅔ were for R! About 3 out of 10 were for Python and other languages shared the remaining few votes. Does this suggest that R is disproportionately popular among BDI followers on Twitter? This may be, as the Burtch Works results (with over 1000 respondents) also suggest that the preference for Python among data scientists is less pronounced in the midwest, where we expect most BDI followers to reside.

Our second mini survey tweet asked “How do you prefer to learn new data skills?” While much ink has been spilled about how online courses are threatening traditional universities, in our results neither of these options received many votes. Of our 9 responses, 4 preferred local meetups and bootcamps and 4 preferred on-the-job training. Of course, BDI offers local meetups and conference training, so perhaps those who value such offerings would be more likely to follow BDI on Twitter and respond accordingly in this survey.

What do you make of these results? How might we investigate them further?Our third mini survey tweet is actually question 10 from the 2018 Kaggle Machine Learning & Data Science survey. It asks about if and how your current employer incorporates machine learning methods into their business. Should be interesting to see how BDI follower responses compare to those of the broader set of Kaggle survey respondents. Be sure to provide your response to give us a healthy sample size!