We are happy to announce our newest sponsor: Google Cloud.  In addition to sponsoring the meeting, Google Cloud will be featured on the program as well.

  • On Monday afternoon, Adam Yatooma, a customer engineer with Google Cloud will present a hands on workshop on Understanding and Munging your Data with Google Cloud.  Find out how to leverage existing resources in your organization to take the next step in becoming an AI and data driven company.  This workshop will show how to use Google’s DataPrep’s graphical user interface to prepare data and then AutoML to create machine learning models without having to write code.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, Brendan Bonthuis will present an example of a future-oriented partnership between Google and Gordon Food Service.  This session will discuss the joint vision and leadership that enabled a new-type of partnership. From strategy sessions and design workshops to pair coding and building, this talk will highlight the path GFS took to embed innovation into the core of business.
  • On Wednesday afternoon, Rachel Levy will present Data as a Cultural Competency: How Google Enables Everyone to Be an Innovator. This talk will focus on how enterprises are using data not only to fuel their business growth, but also how it is driving innovation and change across the culture of an organization. It will also outline why using data as the center of gravity for a digital transformation is critical, and how Google has partnered with companies to do so. Learn how Google’s efforts to democratize AI/ML can help any company be a data-driven organization.