Kent Stroker


Senior Solutions Engineer, IoT and Edge, West Coast

My journey with tech began in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician working on nuclear subs, then attending Rochester Institute of Technology afterwards for Graphics Arts, with a minor in the then new area of Computer Science. A number of jobs involving emerging PC's, Novell networks, Dos and WIndows 2 led to early projects involving data and databases and eventually Oracle.

Oracle is where I got into the pre-sale consulting side of the rapidly growing technology sector. After Oracle ran my own consultancy for a few years doing Oracle projects around the globe with an 18 month project in Tokyo the most memorable. A shifty business partner made off with the funds, so it was back corporate life for me.

Spent time at Mythics, Dell, a bunch of short-time tactical Oracle fixer-upper type roles, and then landed at Boeing. Here things shifted from the production side of OLTP to OLAP and much bigger datasets. Left Boeing after a few years for IBM Where I was the evangelist for open source analytics – so think, Hadoop and Spark. MY projects and customers while in this role where around IoT and massive datasets in near real-time. Alas, latency is the rate limiter and thus began looking at "Edge IoT". IBM underwent a massive purge of employees and reorganization; nest stop Microsoft.

Here I pivoted to full IoT as my core competency. My understanding of cloud, data, analytics and electronics made IoT an ideal field for me to deep dive. As is the normal for our industry after the customary 2 to 3 years moved onward and upward. Currently at VMware and solidly in the middle of an IoT product group building new products and methods for building end to end IoT solution architectures leveraging existing VMware infrastructures.

When not working, in my workshop 3D printing and building IoT Devices, learning and earning new certifications. Also a major foodie, enjoy cooking, pastry and smoking briskets and tofu; lately been making my own jerky. Hit the gym a few times a week, go to weekly training my my service dog.

Kent Stroker's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2019