Jorge Lozano


Supervisor, Applied Data Science

I have a background in Economics and Actuarial Science. However, I have been practicing Data Science for the past 5 years.

After working for a while in Business Consulting, I joined Steelcase and was part of the very early stages of a unified Advanced Analytics team. Over the last 5 years, I’ve witnessed and had been part of the evolution of the team; our victories, failures, strengths, and weaknesses. 

I have learned first hand the challenges of setting up a Data Science practice in a non-digitally native organization. These have been experienced both from an individual contributor view and now from a leadership perspective. 

We have a powerful team and have managed to bring a strong momentum to the data science practices within the organization, but the journey has not been simple or straightforward. However, our analytics initiatives have created millions of dollars in incremental revenue for the organization.

Jorge Lozano's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2019