Elliott Church

Law firm: Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Borsos, P.C.


Elliott is an attorney with the law firm Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Borsos, P.C. His practice focuses on technology licensing, technical service contracts, and intellectual property. Elliott is co-founder and co-director of Big Data Ignite, an educational nonprofit, where he oversees educational and research initiatives in applied data science & analytics. Elliott is also co-founder and principal of Legal IQ, a legal technology company that develops software to assist attorneys in the practice of law and help individuals find answers to legal questions. Elliott has degrees in mathematics and computer science as well as law. In addition to his experience as an attorney, he has worked as a software developer and database administrator. In these roles he has setup cloud-computing infrastructure, designed and tuned relational databases, developed Perl, Python, SQL, and shell scripts, and implemented ETL processes. Elliott is also co-founder and principal of Ignite Labs, a technology consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Elliott has experience with a range of databases, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and Berkeley DB. He has experience with SQL and stored procedures, data-replication systems, Python, R, C, and Java, as well as parallel processing, distributed processing, and real-time applications. Elliott is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Data Science & Analytics at Grand Valley State University. Elliott organizes the Data Science & Analytics West Michigan meetup group. He is also chair-elect of the International Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. He served on the organizing committee of West Michigan World Trade Week for several years. Elliott currently serves as an elected Trustee of Holland Charter Township in the State of Michigan and as a member of the Holland Charter Township Zoning Board of Appeals. He has delivered numerous talks on a variety of topics, including:
“Interpreting Model Metrics: Precision, Recall & F1” – Data Science & Analytics West Michigan
“About the Data – Regional Trends in Data Analytics Technology & Practice” – Information Technology Management Association
“Complying with GDPR – Evolving Data Privacy Requirements” – West Michigan World Trade Week
“Cyber Liability – What Do I Need to Know?” – Nulty Insurance Cyber Risk Seminar
“When IoT Attacks – The New Legal Frontier” – aimWest
“Year in Review, What to Look For in 2017 – Big Data Trends” – Mobile Monday Grand Rapids
“Engineering Secure IoT Systems – Applying the New Federal Guidelines” – Internet of Things West Michigan
“How Secure Does It Need to Be? A Quick Guide to Compliance” – BarCampGR
“Using Open Source Software in a Business – What Do I Need to Know?” – GRWebDev
“OSS Licensing” – GRWebDev
Elliott speaks English, Spanish, some French, and likes to exercise his small and ever-diminishing Russian vocabulary whenever an opportunity presents.

Elliott Church's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2019

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