Chris Kucharczyk


Senior Data Scientist & Designer

Chris is a Data Scientist at IDEO’s Chicago studio, where he is passionate about exploring how people interact with data and designing products and services that facilitate understanding through those interactions.

Prior to joining IDEO, Chris received his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the California Institute of Technology, where he developed experimental and analytical techniques that enabled high-throughput exploration of solid oxide fuel cell materials. His thesis work required visualizing multi-dimensional datasets and inspired his interest in data science – he first got his professional start as an intern at Datascope Analytics, a data science consulting firm acquired by IDEO in 2017.

Outside of IDEO, Chris is a public leader in environmental advocacy, having served on the City of Evanston’s Environment Board and its Climate Action and Resiliency Plan Working Group. He has also designed data visualizations to facilitate understanding of publicly available data sets, from the City of Evanston’s budget to traffic stops in the state of Illinois.

Chris Kucharczyk's Sessions at Big Data Ignite 2019